The city of Lancaster is the most populous city in the county. It has historical significance to the area and the country. The town still reflects its past with its historic downtown area and the hub of the city, Penn Square. Lancaster is great for families looking for a place to settle down, not only because of its rich history, but also because of its schools and access to recreation and family friendly activities. Many people who live in Lancaster commute to larger cities to work because of its amenities and low cost of living. It also has thriving suburban communities surrounding it. Another well-known city in Lancaster County is the home of one of the most beloved chocolate producers in the country, Hershey's. The town is named its founder, Milton Hershey and is a popular destination for families all throughout the region. It is known as 'the sweetest place on earth' and features an amusement park, spa and a plethora of family friendly activities. It's not just a sweet place to visit, it's also a great place to live, with a low cost of living, affordable homes and safe neighborhoods.

Lancaster County is also called Pennsylvania Dutch Country and is known for being home to a large Amish population and having some of the most delicious food in the region. Sales of existing homes continue to increase as do home property values, but they remain affordable. Bungalow and craftsman style homes are popular in the region and new home builders are continuing the trend of craftsman homes throughout the area, including in Lancaster, Marietta and Lititz.

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