This city is located only 28 miles northwest of the capitol city of Philadelphia. This opens up nearly endless business and entertainment opportunities for the residents of this area. However, even this short commute is unnecessary for those who call the area home. Lansdale, Pennsylvania is host to many enjoyable community-hosted activities, including the annual Beer Tasting Festival, the Festival of Trees and the International Spring Festival, all of which provide citizens of this town with the chance to bond together in a common space. This helps to maintain a tight-knit community in spite of the population's ever-growing status, and allows newcomers to more easily find their niche in their new home.

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Lansdale, Pennsylvania has several homes available for families of all sizes. There are single family detached homes in many styles, with several options regarding size and shape. The area also has plenty to offer in the way of apartments, townhouses and condos for those who do not require a large home or yard, and these have great variations regarding price and size, which helps to ensure that everyone is able to find the perfect space for their budget.

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