Located 14 miles west of Atlanta, Mableton has benefitted from the extensive growth and expansion of the Greater Atlanta area that began in the mid-60s. Close to 37,000 people have chosen to live in Mableton, generally because it boasts lower home prices than the abutting towns. An hour or so behind the wheel will give you some real estate insight; there are many well-built homes placed on suitable wooded lots spread over 28 neighborhoods and subdivisions. Stroll the streets and you'll find a diverse population that represents many races and cultures. More than 17 percent of residents are immigrants.

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Mableton, the largest unincorporated community in metro Atlanta, is essentially a suburb of the city. It is considered a workingman's town, though the workers are both well-educated and computer literate-topping 95 percent of American cities in the latter. Office, sales and management jobs predominate, with a split between blue- and white-collar workers. Housing is solidly middle ground for cost, with a median price of $165,000. A walk around reveals a variety of wood and brick homes, many with wide lawns and driveways.

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