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Hidden Expenses to Consider When Buying a New Home in Minnesota

Whether you're looking at buying in Minneapolis, Rochester, Duluth, or the capitol city of Saint Paul, purchasing a new home in Minnesota takes some serious time and money for would-be homeowners everywhere. While buying any house is never a cheap endeavor, there are a few hidden costs that can really kill your budget and make things harder on you if you don't consider them at the beginning. Identifying and expecting these costs to make your home-buying experience easier and less stressful.

Home Inspection Costs

Usually, your mortgage provider will require a home inspection before you're able to close on your new house. This service can cost several hundred dollars, but in the end it's a necessary expenditure and can really prevent you from buying a lemon in disguise in some cases. Plan for this in your long-term budget.


Property taxes may seem like an obvious expense to consider when looking for a new home, but new homeowners everywhere overlook this detail in their zeal to snatch an excellent bargain. Depending on the area you're looking to call home, you could be paying hundreds or thousands of dollars, either up front with a loan, or twice annually.


There are likely to be several smaller fees that can really add up when closing time comes around, and which you need to plan for in your budget. These include government recording charges, appraisal fees, credit report fees, title services, flood zone fees, tax service fees and a few others that are necessary before you can move into your home.

By planning for these expenses, you can make your home-buying experience in Minnesota much easier and less stressful, and settle into your new dream home sooner.

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