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3 Things to Think About When Buying or Building in Mississippi

There are many reasons to consider buying a home in the south. Locations in the south may offer proximity to the coast, a rich historical background, friendly people, and great colleges. If you're thinking about buying a house that has been newly constructed or building a home in the Mississippi, here are a few things to know about The Magnolia State.

The Variable Climate

Mississippi is known for having a warmer climate and very mild winters. Buyers and builders in this state will have to worry less about drastically cold weather, but it's good to consider the potential destructive tropical weather that may occur in Mississippi.

Benefits of Buying

It's exciting to think about buying a newly built home or building a new one. For instance, buying a freshly built home may mean that the condition of the home will stay better for longer and you won't have as many maintenance issues. Though you may have to pay more than a previously owned home, you will be able to avoid negotiations with past buyers and potentially time-consuming and complex repairs and inspections before you even buy the house.

Benefits of Building

Building your own home lets you have much more say over the small details and the overall look of a house. If you can't find an existing house that fits your needs, building in Mississippi may be the answer.

Popular and Growing Cities

Compared to other U.S. states, Mississippi is one of the less populous states at almost 3 million people, according to 2010 Census data. Some of the biggest cities include the capital, Jackson, in addition to West Gulfport, Gulfport, and Southhaven.

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