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Your Guide to Buying or Building a Home in Montana

Looking to live in a wide open state with few people and lots of open land? Montana might be the right place for you. Consider building or buying a new home in this beautiful state with only a population of about 1 million. Here are a few steps you should take on the way to your dream home.

Research the Area

While Montana does have one of the lowest populations in the country, you should do your research and decide whether you want to live in one of the more populous cities like Billings or Missoula, or find a more remote area. The state capital, Helena, is another option.

Research the Neighborhood

The place that you build your house or buy your newly built house is just about as important as the number of rooms in your house or the material of your countertops. Think about the neighborhood or the kind of neighborhood it could become if there is undeveloped property nearby. You should also consider how close it is to amenities that you need and the proximity of nearby schools and other institutions.

Research the Contractor

While some people with a lot of construction experience may choose to build their own houses, you may also want to think about hiring a contractor to do the work for you. Make sure before you hire them that you are confident in their abilities. It's also good to consider the time it will take to get a building permit for your house and work that into your larger timeline.

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