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Considerations When Buying a New Construction Home in Oklahoma

Whether part of a new neighborhood development or a standalone single-family unit, purchasing a recently constructed home in Oklahoma is an excellent way to truly make the property your own. With a new construction, you can relocate without the hassle of bringing the property up to code, repainting, and landscaping. From the capital of Oklahoma City to the surrounding plains of Tulsa, find the perfect new home waiting for you.

Purchasing a Newly Constructed Home

If you plan to buy a new construction or are awaiting the completion of a new home, then you should keep a few things in mind. First of all, negotiate the price. Though builders are hesitant to adjust asking prices, you do have leverage in controlling construction costs.

Getting What You Paid For

You will want to be sure you're getting exactly what you expect. If you based your purchase off a model home or design plan, then make sure you're receiving the same quality materials and amenities in your actual home.

Get a Guarantee in Writing

From the move-in date of your new home, to the masterplan time-frame of the neighborhood development, make sure the developers guarantee this information. Relocating is a major decision, so you want as much information about your new home as possible.

Building in Oklahoma

If you plan on building a new home in Oklahoma, be sure your developer understands the regional climate. Oklahoma is typically dry and warm, though it is also prone to extreme weather phenomena, such as tornados. Ultimately, you want a home that is suited for the region, both in design and function.

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