What gives Orange Park part of its charm is its history. This town was founded in the 1800s by fruit growers who wanted to cash in on the rich soil and tropical climate. The Great Freeze of 1894 and 1895 destroyed the crops, but the city didn't take it sitting down. The suburb reinvented itself and serves today as a primary residential area for military personnel stationed at nearby NAS Jacksonville and those working privately in the medical industry among other vocations. Many families call Orange Park, FL home, and the local children are educated in the town's three elementary schools, two junior high schools and three high schools. Once graduated, students can begin earning their degrees at Fortis College or St. Johns River Community College, both of which are within city limits.

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Orange Park is made up of several charming communities, including Orange Park itself, Bellair-Meadowbrook Terrace, Fleming Island and Lakeside. Nearly 9,000 people call this beautiful suburb of Jacksonville, FL home. With five-bedroom houses going for around $300,000, homebuyers cannot beat the affordability of the area, and many are cashing in on the positive investment of buying their dream home. Those looking for a smaller abode won't be disappointed; many two and three-bedroom dwellings are priced well under $100,000.

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