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Building and Buying New Homes in Oregon

If you're relocate to a recently constructed home, or looking to build a new home in Oregon, there are few things to keep in mind. From climate to culture, familiarize yourself with the unique qualities of the region before settling into your new home. The following advice is for those who want to know a little bit more about the region, as well as what it takes to buy or build a new construction home there.

Getting the Lay of the Land

Before developing or purchasing a new property, it's important to settle on the right location. From the hip up-and-coming city of Portland, to the smaller communities of Eugene and Salem, choosing the right location is the first step. Bear in mind that the climate in this region is generally wetter than in other areas around the country, which can affect construction and home design.

Negotiating the Price

If you're planning to buy a recently constructed home in Oregon, then you should be prepared for some creative negotiating. Typically, builders are fairly resistant to drops in the asking price, but you do have some leverage when it comes to controlling their building costs. The best way to keep the price of your new home down is to make sure the developers don't spend too much.

Work With an Agent You Trust

Ultimately, buying or developing a new home depends on working with an agent you trust. You want someone who prioritizes your interest and can stand up to developers to get you the best deal on your new property. In the end, exploring new homes and developments can be an excellent way to secure a solid deal in the housing market.

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