Pembroke Pines has been named one of the greatest cities in America to live, and with good reason. It is just minutes away from anything and everything you have ever wanted to do and see. For quick getaways, there are international airports nearby for you jetsetters. Beautiful Florida beaches are also a quick walk or car ride away. For a low key picnic in the park, Pembroke Pines has almost 30 to choose from and is perfect for that too. Wherever you are in this city that is known for its great weather any day of the year, you are likely to find endless resources at your disposal.

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In Pembroke Pines, FL, the motto is 'Join with us - progress with us!' and certainly this city of 154,000 is an ideal place to grow and progress with your family. Pembroke Pines homes are primarily single-family dwellings with room to grow for your family. There is bound to be an affordable home sweet home among the beautiful family friendly neighborhoods and activities in this gorgeous Florida city.

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