One of the city's highlights is the annual Plymouth Ice Spectacular. This is the oldest and largest ice carving festival in North America. The event, which takes place in late January, brings about 500,000 people to the area. Founded in 1982, the Plymouth Ice Spectacular is a weekend-long event with many different activities and competitions. The Dueling Chainsaws Competition is a popular event; competitors received one block of ice and a 15-minute time limit to create a unique ice carving. Special events are not limited to the winter. Every May, about 90,000 visitors attend the environmentally- friendly Green Street Fair, which offers activities and exhibitors with a green-themed twist.

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If you are looking to live in an area with a rich history, a vibrant art and entertainment scene and a cooler climate, Plymouth, Michigan, might be a place to consider. Homes are available in a variety of different sizes and styles. If you are looking for a more affordable option to living in Plymouth, there are condominiums for sale. For those with a bigger budget, single homes with up to five bedrooms are on the market.

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