The population of Redondo Beach is close to 67,000. One of the largest draws to the area is how close it is to a number of fantastic beaches. The crystal-clear waters of California can be found in almost all directions, and residents make a habit of visiting the ocean whenever possible. The average household income for residents in Redondo Beach is around $100,000. While this tends to be higher than the national average, it is about right for this particular area of California. Due to the higher incomes found in this area, property values are constantly on the rise.

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In order to properly raise children, it is important to move to an area that will offer them a chance to succeed. This is the mentality used by those who head to Redondo Beach, CA. The residential nature of Redondo Beach makes it an ideal spot for young couples to move when they are ready to settle down and begin a family. The homes that can be found in the area range from luxury condos to larger homes perfect for a growing household.

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