This suburb is only thirteen miles from Atlanta, providing the commuting employee the perfect opportunity for an easy drive to work, while still being able to enjoy a life outside of the city itself. Also perfect for the traveling worker is the Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport, which is just north of the Riverdale, Georgia city limits, lessening the hassle of catching a plane for all residents who enjoy traveling, whether it's for business or pleasure. This proximity to the airport also adds a huge boost to the town's economy by acting as one of the top employers in the area, providing career opportunities for thousands of people each and every year. This, along with several other businesses in and around the Atlanta metropolitan area, ensure that families staying in this suburb are supplied with opportunities for employment and given the chance to thrive.

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Riverdale, Georgia is a suburban town with great opportunities to offer those who seek to settle there. Because the area is suburban and largely residential in nature, most of the homes for sale are single-family detached homes, which come in all shapes and sizes at astonishingly affordable rates when considering the many conveniences that this location has to offer. Closer to the city, condos and apartments become more common for those looking for a smaller space or who are operating on a tighter budget.

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