Scranton's population in 2013 was approximately 76,000, and it is the sixth-largest city in Pennsylvania. It is broken into six major neighborhoods: Minooka, West Side, South Side, the Hill Section (East Scranton), North Scranton, and Downtown. The southern part of the city borders Lake Scranton, where many people jog on nature trails and have picnics. The Hill district houses three universities, seven nature trails, the Everhart Museum, and a water park in the summer. Downtown Scranton is the center of commerce. There, you can find historical sites, the convention center, and the Radisson Station hotel, which is a converted train station. The Lackawanna River also runs along Downtown, separating it from West Scranton.

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Homes in Scranton, Pennsylvania, are charming and affordable; in 2013, the median value for a home or condo was $108,900, which is nearly $60,000 less than the average home in the state. There are six major sections or neighborhoods in Scranton, each with a unique feel and demographic. There are luxurious houses in wealthy neighborhoods and more quaint living spaces for lower-income families. The people of Scranton are hard-working individuals who want a safe, comfortable home base where they can relax.

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