Sunnyvale is known as 'The Heart of the Silicon Valley.' Many tech companies have headquarters and offices located here, including NetApp, Juniper Networks, Spansion, Ariba, and Yahoo! These companies provide a plethora of jobs available to residents who wish to take part in the booming industry of technology and new media. Sunnyvale is the fifth most populated city located within the Bay Area of California, proving that it is a highly sought after place to live. One of the most unique aspects of the city is the fact that it has a Department of Safety that trains all personnel as EMTs, police officers, and firefighters to respond to any emergency. It is one of the few cities in the whole country to have this feature.

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Located in the hub of technology and innovation called Silicon Valley is a city known as Sunnyvale, California. Sunnyvale marries industry, business, and residential living in a pleasant and sunny area. It is located in Santa Clara County and is bordered by cities such as San Jose, Mountain View, Los Altos, and Cupertino. Joseph Eichler, who was a well-known real estate developer in the post-war United States, developed many of the homes in Sunnyvale's suburban setting. These subdivisions mostly consist of tract housing with a Mid-Century modern flair.

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