With an income per capita a fair bit above the national average, Toms River makes for a solid place to work. The fields that employ the largest percentage of citizens here are actually somewhat more diverse than most other cities that are heavily focused on finance and sales. Here, the education, healthcare, construction and production industries make for a wide range of jobs and careers to pursue if you'd be coming into Toms River seeking new employment. Of course, there are plenty of educational options for younger member of the community if you'll be bringing a family with you when you move. The public school system of Toms River Regional Schools runs a total of 18 campuses to get the kids through grade school, and the local two-year institution of Ocean County College offers students four-year options with other universities in the area.

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If you are searching the housing market for a new home in a place that has historical roots but is nevertheless thoroughly modern in lifestyle, the township of Toms River, New Jersey is an east coast location you ought to consider. Housing here has a wide range of prices, from the high $100,000s to the low $300,000s. Even on the lower end, though, you can still get yourself a place with several bedrooms and a bit of yard space to spare.

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