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Breakdown of Virginia Homes for Sale

Total Homes3,403,241
Average Sale Price$433,526
Homes for Sale78898
Condos for Sale6068
Multi-family Homes for Sale647
Parcels of Land for Sale19907
Townhouses for Sale3145
Mobile Homes for Sale322

Virginia is known as the 'Old Dominion State' as it was the first colonial establishment in the mainland of British America. The state has some of the most extensive history in the country, beginning with the indigenous groups that included the Powhatan. It was in 1607 that the London Company established its first permanent New World English colony as the Colony of Virginia. Some of the most popular homes are 4-bedroom with a traditional style.

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The state is divided into 95 counties and 38 cities. The largest cities in Virginia are Virginia Beach, Norfolk, Chesapeake, Arlington, and Richmond. Virginia Beach has several neighborhoods and growing communities, which include Great Neck Point, Green Run, Princess Anne, and Red Mill Commons. The area is popular for its proximity to the water as well as the humid subtropical climate. As the capital of the state, Richmond is another popular area to live. The city contains diverse and popular styles of architecture, including important examples of Federal, Georgian, Tudor Revival, Art Deco, International, and Postmodern buildings. It is estimated that nearly a quarter of the original architecture was burned in the evacuation fire of 1865. The urban residential neighborhoods are trademark to the city and include Carytown, Jackson Ward, Oregon Hill, the Fan, and the Museum District. It is no surprise that increase in the city's population has been concentrated to these particular areas. Museums and monuments also are characteristic of the city's culture.

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