The Walker area was first established by the Miltons in 1853, as the area grew it was recognized as a prominent settlement and received a post office in 1856. However, Walker was not officially recognized as a town until 2011 after a proclamation by the governor of Louisiana, Bobby Jindal. Today, the residents of Walker are an even mix of white and blue-collar workers, and individuals work in a variety of fields holding both office and construction positions. The commute for all workers in the area is substantially high, and individuals travel an average of 32.28 minutes to get to work, which is significantly above the national average. There is no public transit system, so employees must drive to work. While the city is home to a variety of individuals, the town boasts a higher than average per capita income with the average household income coming to $94, 452 per year.

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Located in Livingston Parish, Louisiana, Walker is a small town in the larger Baton Rouge Metropolitan Statistical Area and possesses a population of 6,138. The town has experienced substantial growth in the last decade. Real estate in Walker is some of the most expensive in the state. The majority of housing in the area is made up of single-family homes with only a sprinkling of other residences.

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