Despite its major developments, the city has been able to retain all of the qualities that are so appealing to a small town. The city was founded in the mid 1800s as a depot along the Northern Mississippi Railroad. It is named after Erasmus Livingston Wentz, who was an integral railroad engineer for that particular line. The city was not officially incorporated until 1872, and during most of the Civil War was a site of brawls, which took place along the railroad. Nowadays the lively town features many attractions for its residents and tourists alike. One of the most popular areas is Quail Ridge Park, a beautiful dog park complete with pavilions, play areas, and walking trails. The charming lake in the center of the park is the perfect location for families and friends to gather. Another exciting weekend excursion is the Wentzville Flea Market. This event is somewhat of a farmer's market - flea market hybrid that takes place on Sunday mornings.

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Wentzville MO is truly located in the heartland of America. Only a short drive from St. Louis, the town can offer charm, convenience, and an attractive way of life. Nicknamed 'Crossroads of the Nation' there are several factors that draw in tourists and residents alike. In 1990, Wentzville was a small town of only 5,000 people but in twenty years managed to grow to nearly 30,000. This growth rate makes it the fastest growing in the state and one of the most rapidly developing areas for business in the country.

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