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Design Ideas for Building a New Home in Wisconsin

Wisconsin has more than just cheese to offer residents. It's generous culture, gorgeous wildlife and scenic views are all some of the top reasons residents choose to build a home in Madison or one of the state's other popular cities. To get the most out of your new home, consider the following design tips.

Go for Function

Aesthetics are always an important part of the overall design of a home, but they will mean little if the home is not functional and does not fit your basic needs. Include things like adequate square footage, a reasonable number of bathrooms, a mud room for the winter months and enough storage to cover your belongings. Although it may initially seem nice to squeeze in a mini bar and forgo the pantry, you are probably going to regret that decision in the end.

Bring the Outside In

Milwaukee and Green Bay are two of the largest cities in the state, but they still boast some beautiful scenic views. Bring the outside in by including large picture windows and skylights into your designs. The extra light will brighten your home and make it feel more like a retreat than a mid-city property.

Be Wise on Splurges

Splurges can get out of hand on a new home build. Keep yourself in check by always asking whether the design is worth the extra money, or if the base model will suit your needs. Always consider whether the money can be recouped or increased were you to sell the home in the future.

Few things could be more exciting than building a new home. Be smart with your design, and you are sure to love your new property.

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