Zephyrhills has several sharp advantages to its residents. The job market is booming, with 3.13 percent annual growth; the national average is only 1.18 percent. Even with so many new jobs, the cost of living is still 19 percent below average. Topping off the finances, the housing market is extremely affordable and appreciating at a skyrocketing 12.4 percent. Zephyrhills' central location in Florida provides its residence with reasonable access to most of the higher learning institutions in the state. The region is also famously clean in reference to both air and water quality.

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Just off of the northeast edge of Tampa lies Zephyrhills, FL. The beautiful region is home to roughly 13,000 people and offers accommodations of every type. Houses, empty lots, land, apartments, condos, townhouses and trailers are all widely available. The diverse market offers prices for all income ranges, with a median price range of $74,300, and all of the dwellings get to enjoy the same Florida charm.

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