111 Homes For Sale in Forest Hills, NY

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f there’s one upscale neighborhood in the Queens borough that is your number one, it should be Forest Hills. Tudor houses and affluent apartments abound, while townhomes are lavish and highly sought after. Housing opportunities in Forest Hills are desirable and ultimately provide access to the vibrant, opulent New York lifestyle that residents enjoy. If you’re seeking an investment in a Forest Hills dwelling, consider the time-honored developments that put the world at your fingertips and offer you a bird’s eye view of the greatest city on earth.

Sided by 62nd Drive to the south, Union Turnpike to the east, and Grand Central Parkway to the north, Forest Hills is a luxurious epicenter for living in grandeur. For parents, children have access to several of New York City’s finest public schools, including Grand Central Parkway and Edward Mandel. Two libraries can be found in Forest Hills, as can the former site of the U.S. Open tennis tournament. Forest Hills Gardens, perhaps the most affluent section of the area, fills the community with old world character in the form of opulent Tudor houses. German American and Jewish American residents make up a large percentage of the demographic.

But just because Forest Hills lies in the midst of NYC doesn’t mean it doesn’t have plenty of green space. It’s surrounded by nearly 2,000 acres of parks, two of the largest parks in Queens. Popular parks and playgrounds dot the neighborhood, making it a desirable, comfortable, and safe place to raise a family. Notably, the famous comic series Spider-Man was set in Forest Hills. Two commuter train stations and several bus buses serve the Forest Hills area, particularly along the main stretch of commerce that runs along Austin Street, making it easy to access other parts of the metro landscape. Whether it’s the luxuriant lifestyle of New York that you’re after or the world of professional opportunity, call Forest Hills home.