1,079 Homes For Sale in Fort Lauderdale, FL

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Fort Lauderdale is a city that many people associate with cruises and fun in the sun. This tropical city is an epicenter for travel and vacationers everywhere but is also home to nearly 200,000 residents. Most people who choose to call this city home dwell in one of the many condos or apartments that make up the city skyline. However, the sandy shore is also home to sprawling mansions and luxurious single-family homes.

The city is home to endless entertainment and opportunities, with over 4,000 restaurants, 132 nightclubs, 100 marinas, and dozens of golf courses, malls, and museums. With so many options, the concept of boredom is practically nonexistent. The 12 million visitors who pass through the city each year certainly find the value in these attractions and boost the economy in the summer months each and every year. In fact, the economy in Fort Lauderdale is heavily reliant on this tourism, which in recent decades has been composed of a wealthier and quieter crowd, thanks to the strict laws limiting the possibly disruptive activities of the college-aged crowd. Much of the city’s revenue comes from the booming cruise ship business, which features Carnival, Royal Caribbean, and Princess cruise lines. On top of all this, Miami is only a 23-mile drive from the city limits, expanding the opportunities of those who live there.

Fort Lauderdale covers 38.6 square miles, all packed to the brim with amenities and attractions to benefit its residents, both temporary and permanent alike. Because the area is so compact, transportation is car-optional, and residents can find plenty of enjoyment within walking distance of their own house, condo, or apartment. The population filling the city is diverse in nature and features a strong LGBT presence, and members of LGBT organizations host several events throughout the course of the year. There are many other culturally significant events that are held annually at the Broward Center for the Performing Arts and in the Riverwalk Arts and Entertainment District. For music lovers, the city hosts an annual music festival, Langerado, which features popular rock, pop, and hip-hop artists. Amidst the urban landscape, there are a few reprieves for nature lovers as well, such as the Hugh Taylor Birch State Park and the nearby Everglades, both of which offer a separation from the hustle and bustle of city life. With this combination of convenience and fun, Fort Lauderdale is a great place for the socialite and night owl and provides a wonderful opportunity for fun with the many friends to be found in the surrounding community.