212 New Homes For Sale in Fort Myers, FL

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The ‘City of Palms’, Fort Myers has long been a popular Destination for visitors to the tropics of southwestern Florida. As the county seat and central hub of Lee County, Fort Meyers is home to many full-time residents, as well being a hot spot for those with winter homes in the city. Palm trees flank the sides of Fort Myers’ homes, which are often light or bright-colored and built in an elegant Spanish style with modern elements of sophistication.

The downtown region of Fort Myers has historically been a residential and commercial hub, though neighborhoods and housing areas have expanded greatly over recent years. Dean Park, Edison Park, and Seminole Park are some of the most well known communities within the city. Edison Park, in particular, displays some of the area’s most lavish homes and Plantations, showcasing a diversity of architecture and an array of landscaping details. These districts are well-known for their strong neighborhood bonds, fortified by the regular communal activities and shared interests that the communities tend towards. Thomas Edison and Henry Ford are two of the most well-known individuals to have winter homes in Fort Myers, and their estates are still preserved today, while their statues are memorialized in the downtown district.

Among non-farm workers, trade, transportation, and utilities is the most major employing sector in Fort Myers, followed by the local government and then leisure and hospitality, unsurprisingly. Professional and business services and education and health services also make up a large part of the employment categories for Fort Myers workers. The Southwest Florida International Airport, which lies near the city, is an abundant source of job opportunities in the area, as are the number of primary and secondary schools that serve Fort Myers. Institutions of higher education in the area, such as Hodges University and Kaiser University, also provide jobs in the academic and administration fields.