105 Homes For Sale in Gardena, CA

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Finding its home in the South Bay region of Los Angeles County, Gardena is a petite city with a population of around 58,000 people. Opulent houses are priced more expensively than in other more affordable regions of California, with some of those houses being quite old and having retained a historical and sentimental value throughout the years. Most houses have little acreage to offer but contain a lot of charm and comforts instead.

The city has a total area of only around six square miles, the majority of which is made up of land. A nine acre wetland preserve called the Gardena Willows Wetland Preserve sprawls out at the southeast corner of Gardena. It is located near Vermont Avenue and Artesia Boulevard, and it is a naturally-occurring marshland hosting a plethora of species of vegetation such as trees, making for a perfect touring opportunity for the environmentally-interested and the outdoor adventurers. Gardena is also bordered by larger metropolitan cities such as Athens, Los Angeles, and Hawthorn, making it an easy get-away from the hustle and bustle of city life but also an easy access point for it.

There are several government offices in Gardena helping to regulate and secure day-to-day affairs. The Gardena Office Economic Development helps employers in filling jobs, while the Gardena Police Department and the United States Post Office serve Gardena in other capacities. The Gardena Mayme Dear Library and the Masao W. Satow Library are operated by the Count of Los Angeles Public Library and offer opportunities for aspiring students and adults alike to relax and learn in a warm and safe environment. There are also several public schools providing educational settings for younger children, as well as a few private Christian schools as well. For adults, the primary employers of the city are Memorial Hospital of Gardena, Hustler Casino, United Parcel Service, and Hitco Carbon Composites. Digital Manga also has its headquarters in Gardena along with Nissin Foods. While many people commute from Gardena to their jobs, there are many large companies within the city itself often able to provide steady and well-paid employment. The city operates the Gardena Municipal Bus Lines, which make traveling to and from work and home an even easier affair. Gardena is a sweet and clean town in southern California, boasting a prime location situated within range of booming Californian cities such as Los Angeles, as well as lavish neighborhoods.