289 Homes For Sale in Georgetown, KY

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With a strong root in history, education and industry, Georgetown, KY, is a wonderful place to live. This historic place has an array of different housing options from older, wonderfully constructed brick homes to newer, modern homes. In the east-central region of Georgetown, Delaplain offers elegant homes that are situated close to the Toyota plant. For more affordable homes, the southern region of George offers great homes in White Sulfer and New Zion.

Georgetown is known for its scenic landscape and its history of agriculture. The local park and recreation department is committed to offering the public wonderful places to enjoy the outdoors. There are 350 acres of land that include multiple waterways available for boating as well as two pools and a total of 11 park sites. If you enjoy sports, the community sports center offers volleyball, Zumba, basketball, dance and gymnastics. Many neighborhoods are in close proximity to bodies of water that allow for great hiking and beautiful greenery. If you enjoy riding horses, there are multiple stables and farms that will take you on horse rides.

This great city offers a thriving industry with one of the largest Toyota production plants in the United States. This city was chosen as the major production facility for the Camry. While in the city, make sure to check out the Toyota Visitor Center and take the Plant Tour to see how this major production plant supports a large part of the population in the area. In terms of educational opportunities, Georgetown offers well-cultivated primary and secondary education, along with the historic Georgetown College. This private college was charted in 1787 and has an amazing campus with top-rated liberal arts education. The downtown offers more historic architecture with the stone and brick constructed Scott County Courthouse and the Georgetown City Hall. Choose to live in Georgetown, a city with scenic parks, great education and a history of excellence.