160 New Homes For Sale in Harrisburg, PA

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Pennsylvania’s capital and its tenth largest city, Harrisburg, is a regional epicenter for historical architecture, government, manufacturing, and, of course, Hershey’s chocolates. The residential sectors of Harrisburg are characterized by their colonial, classic homes evocative of both old and modern New England stylings, in addition to efficient, aesthetically appealing town homes. Large, five bedroom homes that reflect the historical influence of the area also pepper the tree-lined streets of Harrisburg.

The Center City of Harrisburg represents the main financial and professional headquarters for both government and business enterprises within the city. This area is home to the government seat for Dauphin County, as well as the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, and it encompasses the Pennsylvania State Capitol Complex. Outside of the Center City, there are more than twelve distinctive districts that divide Harrisburg. While some of these are large, diverse communities, others are smaller, established neighborhoods. While the boundaries between these enclaves once echoed ward divides, they now follow the lines distinguished by community leaders and post-industrial city planners. The neighborhoods include Camp Curtin, Capitol Heights, City Island, Engleton, Italian Lake, and Hardscrabble. The historical districts include Allison Hill, Bellevue Park, Historic Harrisburg, Old Downtown, Mount Pleasant, Old Midtown, and Fox Ridge. There are two town squares in Harrisburg, Governor’s Square and Market Square.

An enormous 45,000 businesses exist within Harrisburg, including many in the healthcare service industry, the technology and biotechnology fields, and the government sector. Many national enterprises are headquartered in Harrisburg or have primary operations there, which include Hershey Foods, Ahold USA, IBM, HP, Harsco Corporation, Rite Aid Corporation, and Tyco Electronics. Trade, warehousing, utilities, and distribution is a major source of employment for the area. The Commonwealth of Pennsylvania and the United States Government, including the military, are the top two employers in the city. Giant Food Stores comes in third, followed by the Penn State Hershey Medical Center and then Hershey Entertainment and Resorts.