64 Homes For Sale in Hermitage, TN

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Named after the home of Andrew Jackson, the seventh President of the United States, Hermitage, Tennessee is a thriving residential area near Nashville. This city has a diversity of housing options from quaint starter homes to large, executive households. Because of the long history of the city, Hermitage has beautiful historic homes with large, lush trees outside. Relating to its proximity to Nashville and its thriving business community, it also offers a variety of modern housing options.

Hermitage has the history of being a rural area, but due to its expansion with multiple technology companies, it has become a larger town with many amenities. One of the Big Four auditors, Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu, has its technology headquarters in Hermitage. This company alone helps to provide 1000 jobs and has helped in the development and expansion of the area. Development of the area has allowed for expanded retail options. For example there are well-developed retail locations in the area that provide ample shopping options from larger chain stores to smaller boutique stores. Additionally, Hermitage is within a 20-minute drive of Memphis where you can enjoy extensive shopping, food, and entertainment.

The city is a lush, beautiful city with the Stones River running on its border. A reservoir, Percy Priest Lake, created by the Percy Priest Dam provides for easily accessible recreation options, especially water sports. The Percy Priest Lake has increased the value of the nearby real estate and provided for scenic shore front properties. One of the most famous locations in Hermitage, and the site for which the town is named, is the plantation owned by Andrew Jackson. This plantation showcases the local natural beauty of the area, including 1,120 acres of forests, meadows, and pebbled pathways. The Hermitage is an example of excellent, Federal-style architecture. The plantation also includes a renowned historic museum outlining its history. Andrew Jackson’s plantation is just an example of the local beauty of the area. Being outside of Memphis, the city has larger plots of land available in suburban neighborhoods lined with tall, lush trees. This extra space also allows for the well-planned city to also have local parks and hiking trails available for family recreation. Hermitage also has multiple community and recreation centers available to the public to enjoy local entertainment. As Hermitage is a part of Metropolitan Nashville, the city has benefited from the support and administration of the state’s capital in development of its public works.