83 Homes For Sale in Hilliard, OH

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Hilliard, Ohio is a middle to upper-middle class town with beautiful homes and superior schools. While the average household income is far above the state average at nearly $90,000 per year, the homes are affordable for much less. The average price of a home in this beautiful town is about $200,000. It’s easy to find a large home that is well over 2,000 square feet. Most are made out of a combination of siding and stone. If you don’t need something so large, one-story, ranch-style homes are always an option. However, large homes dominate the market.

If a good education for your children is at the top of your list, then Hilliard is an excellent choice. Four of the schools in town are rated a 10 out of 10, while most of the others are still excellent with 8s and 9s. The schools implement a great mix of traditional learning and technology to boost their knowledge. There are many sports programs, educational field trips, and other innovative techniques to teach the children. Your kids will receive a fantastic education. When school is out and it’s time to play, there are plenty of things to do around town. There is a local park that spans 44 acres. It has biking trails, ball courts, and even a replica of a train station with a caboose. Several other parks in the area have beautiful hiking trails that go through lush, woodland areas. The splash park is also a big hit. You can have a picnic under one of the umbrella tables and watch your kids run through the fountains.

If you would like some indoor fun, you can go to the local museum. It is dedicated to the golden age of television. You can look at some of the old equipment that was used to film and produce old television shows. The museum is a local treasure, and it will give you a sense of nostalgia while learning something new. The local aquatic center is another great choice. If your family loves to swim, you can go to the center to do it all year long. If you’re ready for a date night, there are a few options right in town. Several sports bars in the area offer great food and a lot of fun. The movie theater in town has large screens and shows first-run, blockbuster hits. There is a great bowling alley in town, too, that offers affordable games and great food. Hilliard, Ohio is truly a wonderful place to live. Your family can have a beautiful home and you will always have something to do in town.