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Homestead, Florida, is a little suburb of Miami that is situated right between two national parks. To the west is our country’s largest tropical wilderness, the Everglades National Park, and to the east is the oceanic ecosystem preserved in Biscayne. Homestead offers some beautiful, affordable houses, from the rustic to the brand new, all in a typical suburban layout. For those with a larger budget who are looking for more space, there are some large mansion-style homes in the area.

The city of Homestead offers all the things you would enjoy about a bigger city, yet you will find living there has the comfortable feel of a small town. With several Metrobus routes connecting Homestead to the larger city of Miami, there is no shortage of transportation to and from the bustling downtown. These lines connect with the free Homestead Trolley service, which extends to all the major stops in town. During busy times of the year, the trolley runs all the way to both national parks, providing easy transportation for tourists and residents alike. Because of this, Homestead was recently dubbed "The Gateway to Everglades and Biscayne National Parks."

Homestead is one of the smaller communities in the Miami-Dade area, but it continues to draw people in. Its population of just over 25,000 in 1983 grew to 62,000 by the year 2012. It is currently the site of 21 different K-8 schools, two high schools, and the Homestead Campus of Miami-Dade College. You won’t find yourself having to make gigantic down payments or even paying a significant monthly rent because this is one of the more affordable parts of the state to live in. Culturally, Homestead is home to a rather diverse population, with just over 50 percent of the population declaring Spanish as a first language. People living in this town enjoy sunny days all year round with increased rain during the hurricane season. There are some highly interesting places to explore, one of which is the Homestead Monkey Jungle, a place with tunnel walkways where "the visitors are caged and the monkeys run free!" Also a must-see is the mysterious Coral Castle. The Latvian artist Edward Leedskalnin is rumored to have built it using powerful magnetic technology to lift the monolithic stones into place. With the beautiful world of the Everglades just a step away and countless small and fascinating little Destinations to discover, Homestead has a charming and affordable home just waiting for you.