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Honolulu, Hawaii, located in the heart of the Hawaiian Islands, is unlike any city in mainland America. Nearly 2,400 miles from the closest shores of California, Hawaii is truly an apex of utopian living and tranquility, and its capital city is home to some 375,000 satisfied residents. Honolulu offers a varied selection of homes, from modest bungalows to lavish penthouses and extravagant mansions. Though real estate prices are high, Honolulu offers some of the most breathtaking properties in America.

Honolulu, Hawaii, is a place like no other. It is a city of alluring landscapes, calm attitudes, and a wealth of amenities to suit all needs and desires. Built on the convergence of the Pacific Ocean and an ancient volcano born nearly 200,000 years ago, Honolulu is unparalleled in raw, untainted beauty. Its beaches are world renowned and boast some of the best surf and crystal clear waters. Nearby Mount Tantalus and Olomana Three Peaks Trail showcase the best of Hawaii’s spectacular views, from its lush peaks and rolling forests to the vast expanse of the surrounding ocean, white sand beaches, and colorful coral reefs. Nature lovers will be drawn to every inch of this serene landscape and will find that its splendor reaches far beyond its graceful visage, and that it is most thoroughly experienced through interaction.

Beyond the visual brilliance of Honolulu, Hawaii, is a community of diverse and multicultural peoples. Originally inhabited by Polynesian explorers over 2,000 years ago, Hawaii is saturated in a rich history and culture unique to any other region of the United States. The ancestors of these native colonists make up approximately 10 percent of the state’s current population, and their legacy lives on today through art, music, traditions, language, and a celebrated and respected history. This long-practiced respect paired with the majesty of its surrounding scenic views and stunningly alluring climate creates an overall calm demeanor. Often defined as a slow-paced culture, this metropolitan city (the 11th largest in the country) provides all the amenities and conveniences of a major city without sacrificing the close community bonds and relaxing atmosphere. Though often thought of as a destination for vacationers and tourists, Honolulu, Hawaii, is the perfect place to call home. From its nearly 100 beaches and picturesque volcanic peaks to its nightlife, food, entertainment, and one-of-a-kind culture, this enchanting city is accommodating to all who inhabit it.