The Reasons to Use a Great Home Inspector

At this point in the home buying process, an initial offer has been accepted by the seller, all other interested buyers have been bested, and it’s up to you to close the sale. In comes your home inspection, arguably one of the most exciting and stressful parts of buying a home.

The home inspector does a thorough review of the home’s structure and condition, inside and out, and makes the buyer aware of any major deficiencies the home has or fixes it needs. Armed with this information, the buyer can choose to request repairs from the seller, negotiate a lower price point, or walk away from the sale.

Home inspections are by nature an exhaustive lot, and the number of points they cover on the property is extensive. The roofing, foundation, entire exterior, interior, plumbing, electrical – these elements are all subject to inspection. If there is a serious problem with the home that cannot be seen at first glance, the home inspector will find it. The importance of hiring a good home inspector should not be overlooked.

What Do I Look for in a Home Inspector?

The three most important words for a home inspector are:

Licensed, bonded, and insured

If a home inspector does not have these three credentials, they are not a real home inspector. Beyond that, don’t be afraid to do your homework and look at a few different inspectors before choosing one. When you meet with inspectors, ask them if they are familiar with homes built in the time period of the one you are looking to buy.

Also, make sure they are familiar with the materials your home is made of, as different construction materials show different signs of wear as they age. When the inspector comes to the home for the inspection, they should be there all day; a home inspection cannot be done in a couple of hours.

The home inspector should also have an attitude of neutrality when it comes to the purchase of the house. You want someone who will tell you exactly what’s wrong, without hoping that you buy or don’t buy.

What the Home Inspector Can’t Do!

Occasionally, during the course of the home inspection, the inspector will find a problem that they themselves are not an expert on. These instances require a specialist, and sometimes, it’s a safe bet to place a call to these specialists at the very beginning. Some specialist-required problems include:

  1. Termites
  2. Chimneys
  3. Geological Features on the Property
  4. Sewers
  5. Asbestos Removal

Get It Done Right, Fast

The home inspection is a sensitive time in the home purchase process, a part that can make or break the closing of the sale. Most contracts stipulate that the buyer has a limited time in which to have an inspection, so both the buyer and the inspector have to be not only prompt but thorough as well. Most professional, credentialed home inspectors take their work seriously, and thrive on their reputation in the field. For more on the home inspection, visit our links.

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