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Work with your agent to make sure you:

Transfer Your Utilities

The transfer of the utilities is something that homebuyers should consider before obtaining the keys to their new home. To have a seamless transition of utilities between the buyer and the seller, how the utilities will be handled should be decided all the way back when the details of the purchase contract were being made.

To avoid paying the last few months of someone else’s heat, electricity or water bill, make sure the utility transfer is discussed before the closing papers are signed.

Utilities to Transfer

Here’s a list of the most common utilities to consider during the transfer of a home. Some homes, of course, have special or specialized utilities for their unique circumstances, but this list covers a broad base.

  1. Water and sewer
  2. Electricity
  3. Natural gas
  4. Telephone
  5. Cable or satellite TV
  6. Internet
  7. Trash collection
  8. Security/alarm systems

Some utilities, like numbers four, five and six, can wait until you move in because they are simple enough to switch over. With others, like numbers one, two and three, you’ll want to talk to the seller. In most cases, you will be responsible for making the changes, but occasionally the seller agrees to put these utilities into the buyer’s name before they move out of the property and, depending on the scenario, may negotiate the purchase price accordingly.

If the home has a security system, and you want to continue with the service, then it’s likely you’ll have to call the security company to come out and replace the system or update it for a new user.

These are important questions to address when transferring to a new home, so make sure to talk to the seller about when you can perform the transfer in a seamless manner.

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