Is this “magic window” real? And is there really only one time of year to sell?

Is the “magic window” real? And is there really only one time of year to sell my home?

The Spring Effect Is Real

The truth is, spring is often a good time of year to sell your home, so if you are thinking of selling, you should get started with your cleaning and repairs in the fall. The market is driven by the number of homebuyers that plan their move for the summer. Homebuyers will often take some vacation time during the summer to spend home shopping. Adding to the increased number of buyers in the market is the fact that typically, a family’s kids are out of school during the summer months, and mom and dad want to finish moving by September.

This means there are a lot of homebuyers looking to buy in the spring, and with them, the rest of the market follows. Over the years, the best month in spring has been known to shift; years ago March was the best month to list your home, while more recently, May has been the key month.

But Spring Is Not the Only Time

Spring is considered the best home-selling month because of the number of people moving in the summer when they have the time off. But what if summer isn’t your off-season? For many seasonal homes, tourist towns, beachfront properties and coastal cities, winter can be a perfectly good time to sell. Buyers looking to move to these places will want to already be moved in by the summer, which moves the local listing window up to an earlier time of the year. Many local factors come into play when considering what month is best to list your home, so make sure you look into your local market, as well.

Homes Get Bought All Year-Round

Spring is a great time to list your home, but if your circumstances demand otherwise, don’t despair! There are home hunters looking for a great deal on a good home all year-round. If you’re stuck selling your home in the fall, talk to a local real estate expert about the things you can do to capture homebuyers’ attention. All year round, a well-kept, well-maintained home, remains in demand.

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