86 Homes For Sale in Huntington, NY

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Located 40 miles outside Midtown Manhattan is the upscale, cosmopolitan community of Huntington, New York. You won't find any penthouse suites for sale here, but rather modest Arts and Crafts-style homes and colonials shingled with charm and character. Brick sidewalks and gaslight streetlamps add to the storybook appeal of Huntington Village. Newer, split-level homes encircle the town's epicenter, while the largest homes near Lloyd Harbor boast sprawling yards and spectacular views of the water.

Close to 30,000 people call the coastal town of Huntington their home. The slightly lower price of homes in Suffolk County attracts buyers that can't afford properties in neighboring Nassau County. In addition to being budget-friendly, Huntington is also an environmentally-friendly place to live. The town is very walkable, and alternative-fuel and hybrid vehicles qualify for free parking-a rarity in New York-on the street and at the Long Island Rail station. The Huntington Area Rapid Transit also provides bus transportation for those who don't telecommute, as almost 10 percent of the population does. While residents primarily hold 'white-collar' jobs, there is a high concentration of artists and designers that live here and find inspiration in the town. Education is held in high esteem in Huntington and the public school system exemplifies that. If you consider yourself a sophisticated suburbanite that loves the arts and unique architecture, browse our selection of homes for sale in Huntington and filter the listings to find the perfect property for yourself.