57 New Homes For Sale in Killeen, TX

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Killeen, Texas, is the 22nd most populous city in Texas and the "principal city" of the Killeen-Temple-Fort Hood Metropolitan Statistical Area. As the town is adjacent to the main cantonment of Fort Hood, much of its economy centers around the post and its soldiers. The new developments in the area are primarily suburban-style family homes. These range from smaller two bedroom one bathroom units to more lavish units with four bedrooms.

In Killeen there are a wide variety of neighborhoods and housing options to fit just about any income needs. There are plenty of apartments and one bedroom units available for rent in McNair Village, where the majority of residential real estate is occupied by renters. Other neighborhoods provide plenty of more permanent options for those looking to move in for a while and enjoy the low cost of housing in Killeen. When it comes to finding the smaller to medium range of home sizes you will find a lot of luck in Lone Star, a stable neighborhood with many established residents, or in City Center, a neighborhood with a high rate of vacancy to coincide with new developments. Both of these are suburban style neighborhoods, and the same could be said for McNair Village, which offers some larger homes with a bit heftier price tag.

Fort Hood, as the development directly north of Killeen, and the primary contributor to the town’s economy, employs far more people than any business in Killeen. Those employed are not just soldiers, but those involved in various relevant tasks, such as administrative work or maintenance of equipment. Many of these soldiers have families with children, meaning a large workforce is needed in the Killeen Independent School District to help students meet their educational needs. The MetroPlex Hospital and Fort Hood Exchange are also major sources of employment for the residents here. The Temple Mall, as one of the city’s major shopping destinations, also employs many hundreds of people in its shops.