297 Homes For Sale in Kingsport, TN

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Part of ‘The Mountain Empire’ which includes some areas of Virginia and northeastern Tennessee, Kingsport, Tennessee, affords residents affordable mountain living. Whether you’re looking for a small starter apartment or a southern style home for a growing family, Kingsport has a home in one of its many winding neighborhoods for you. With a strong emphasis on family values, Kingsport represents the best of Tennessee: convenient access to necessities, a high quality of life, and a varied mix of ranches, bungalows, apartments, and large dwellings.

Considered the ‘Model City’ by its officials and residents, Kingsport is given this designation due to the meticulous planning and care that went into its creation. City planner and landscape architect John Nolen was behind the design of the city, which boasts some of the first roundabouts or traffic circles in the country. Kingsport has also been called an excellent example of a ‘garden city’, with particular quadrants of its locale being dedicated to business, churches, residences, and recreation. Across its 45 square mile area, Kingsport houses nearly 50,000 residents.

Kingsport prides itself on housing some of the best public education offerings in the state, including eight elementary schools, three middle schools, and one high school. Religiously affiliated private education institutions are nearly as popular, with eight calling Kingsport home. College students in Kingsport may choose from seven universities that have campuses within the city. Students and parents delight at the famed wolf and raptor enclosures as well as the planetarium at Kingsport’s Bays Mountain Park. A Renaissance Center complete with Senior Center, Kingsport Art Guild, Cultural Arts Division, and a symphony and theater round out the entertainment opportunities close at hand. A free waterpark and a skate park give sports enthusiasts plenty to do within the city. Additionally, Kingsport has been named an AARP Livable Community, meaning that the elderly community of the area considers themselves satisfied and happy with their living situation.