58 Homes For Sale in Lake Stevens, WA

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If you’ve ever dreamed of living in a water-front resort town, the city of Lake Stevens, WA, may be the perfect place for you. What used to be the site of the world’s largest sawmill has now become a relaxing community, attracting families, retirees and individuals. Recent rapid growth means plenty of new construction, as well as a few homes from the end of the 21st century. With woodsy cabins and modern mansions, the shoreline variety offers something for everyone.

At the beginning of the 20th century, Lake Stevens was primarily a resort town, featuring many small beaches and rental properties. After it was incorporated as a city, it began to gain popularity as a residential area and went from less than 2,000 residents in the 1980s to almost 30,000 by 2010. Due to this rapid growth, most of the construction has been built within the last few decades and most of the residents are not originally from the area. This has created a varied landscape as well as a diverse community, with a population of mostly new move-ins who bring their different cultures and values.

Despite the multicultural backgrounds of the residents, they all come with the same desire to enjoy the peace and recreation that come with the tranquil waterfront living of Lake Stevens. The largest and deepest lake in the county is perfect for swimming, boating and fishing, and the surrounding mountains offer hiking, rock climbing and camping. For those seeking even larger bodies of water, it’s only a few hours to the Pacific Ocean. Seattle is even closer, taking less than an hour to reach the bayfront town, while the beauty of British Columbia and Vancouver is just a couple hours to the north. This perfectly situated city not only offers its residents immediate access to water, mountains and beaches, but nearby exciting destinations can be reached for a simple day trip or a longer weekend getaway, making this a perfect location for those who like to stay at home or travel around the great Northwest.