7,477 Homes For Sale in Las Vegas, NV

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While many people that visit Las Vegas, NV, never leave the Strip, there are miles of neighborhoods beyond downtown that house over 500 thousand people. Mid-century homes abound near the city’s center, while the outskirts are expanding rapidly with smaller track homes in low-maintenance communities. Areas like Summerlin cater to families by offering newer, larger homes with more lawn space than its counterparts. The cost of homes here is lower than in other metropolitan areas, with the average sitting at less than $200,000.

Family-friendly Summerlin and entertainment-heavy Paradise are a few of the options available for residents. Entreprenuers are drawn to the LV Startup block, while creative individuals congregate in the Art District. High-rise living and nightlife is abundant along the Las Vegas Strip in the city’s central location, which is also perfect for carless living, with walkable blocks and public transportation. The city’s bus system is complemented by monorail service, plenty of cabs and a new initiative that offers shared bikes, cars and drivers for a monthly fee. These options give residents a chance to visit the plethora of restaurants and entertainment with or without a vehicle.

The surrounding communities feature their own individual feel and benefits. Personalized living is a possibility here, where Sunrise Manor and Paradise feature decades old neighborhoods and dominated by Americana, while Spring Valley is a slightly newer development. The Enterprise area has been built almost completely during the last 15 years and is made up of newer homes and several shopping centers. To the west, the fast-growing and affluent suburb of Summerlin has been expanded to offer high-end shopping, dining and education for residents who seek larger homes, bigger lots and a strong community feel. While entertainment is easy to find downtown, there are diverse options beyond the casinos and shows. A recently opened waterpark keeps residents cool in the summer, while they’re able to enjoy the 300+ days of sunshine per year at the many parks, walking trails and golf courses. Mountain’s Edge Park has even created a mini hiking hill with panoramic views of the city. For those seeking sunshine and outdoor recreation or entertainment and gaming, the city of Las Vegas has it all.