28 New Homes For Sale in Leesburg, VA

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Located in the upper corner of Virginia, nearly 50,000 people call Leesburg, VA, home. Leesburg was named the Most Secure Large City in the U.S. by Farmer’s Insurance in 2012, and is also considered one of the healthiest metro areas in the nation. While many people live in Leesburg and commute to work in Washington D.C., which is only 33 miles away, there is also plenty to do and see right in Leesburg as well. A bustling job market, low crime rate, and a stable local economy makes Leesburg a desired destination for many families as well as working professionals of all ages.

Because Leesburg has been inhabited since the late 1700s, it has many historic sites, homes, and landmarks within its boundaries. The consistent population growth in Leesburg since its inception is reflected in the unique architectural style of the residences, as different home designs and styles can be found on nearly every tree-lined street in the city. Beautiful apartments, townhomes, and medium-sized single-family residences are available throughout Leesburg, with attached townhomes, condominiums, and apartments typically being more affordable than single-family and detached residences.

The job market in Leesburg is represented by a diverse mix of white and blue-collar jobs as well as companies whose industries focus on air travel, education, city services, retail shops, and restaurants, among others. The top employer for Leesburg is Loudoun County, while the next top employer for the city is Loudoun County Public Schools. Together, Loudoun County and Loudoun County Public Schools employ nearly 10% of the population in Leesburg. Other top employers in the area include the Federal Aviation Administration and the Town of Leesburg. Retail shops such as Target, Wegmans Food Markets, and Costco also employ nearly a thousand residents combined. The unemployment rate in Leesburg is very low, nearly half the rate of the nationally average, and job growth in the city is positive.