22 Homes For Sale in Lynnwood, WA

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If you like open spaces and outdoor activities plus comfortable small-town living near big-city amenities, you might consider settling in Lynnwood, Washington. Located in Snohomish County, Lynnwood is only 17 miles from Seattle. The median family income here is $51,825 and the median sales price of a home is $340,725. Outdoor living is popular here because of an extensive park system, and staying fit at any age is a community mindset.

Lynnwood’s Parks, Recreation and Cultural Arts Department is in charge of more than 350 acres of park land. Included are 230 acres of developed parks and associated facilities, 20 acres of undeveloped park land, over 100 acres of natural open space and 14 miles of trails. The Lynnwood Senior Center is a perfect example of the community’s emphasis on fitness. Want to learn how to go kayaking? The experts at the Senior Center can guide you. Want your children to learn how to swim? The community’s recreation center has a great pool. Wherever you choose to live in the area, you will have access to mini parks that serve the local neighborhoods.

The population in Lynnwood is 35,901, and workers have a relatively easy average commute time of 28 minutes. The Lynnwood educational system is well regarded and parents give a five-star rating to both public and private schools. Among the nearby institutions of higher learning are Edmonds Community College and Central Washington University. Because of the town’s proximity to big city life, shopping, dining and entertainment options are many and varied. Many of the residents have a love affair with nature, however, because of the nearby forests, mountains and large bodies of water. If you are considering a move to this area, you might find a small one-bedroom, two-bath home for as little as $150,000, or a 2,550-square-foot, three-bedroom, single-family home for $690,000. The housing options are as appealing as the natural scenery that surrounds Lynnwood, Washington.