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In the state where everything is big, Magnolia, Texas stands out as a small town covering fewer than 5 square miles. However, it is near larger communities like Houston and The Woodlands, giving you the best of both worlds: small town charm with big city perks. Magnolia is committed to keeping its small town quality while thoughtfully and deliberately planning out its expansion. Many of the homes built in the last decade have 3 or more bedrooms, and have modern interiors with colonial and cottage fronts.

Texas is a football state and there are some great teams near Magnolia. To the south and east, Houston is less than an hour away where you can find the Houston Texans; and to the north and west, you have College Station, where the Aggies play at Texas A&M. While Magnolia benefits from the amenities offered by the large cities and communities nearby, its Prosperity is all its own. Household and family incomes are in line with the national median, and new commercial and industrial sites are appearing all over town, including a planed Exxon-Mobil facility. Many other industries employ residents of Magnolia and the surrounding area, including construction, engineering, medical, transportation, pipe manufacturing and education. There are a lot of career opportunities for someone new to Magnolia.

The Magnolia city council states as its Mission to maximize quality of life for all visitors and residents; the available spas, parks, and other relaxing recreational facilities easily accomplish this. Unity Park proclaims the city's other goal, community unity, and the location accomplishes this with various meeting and picnic grounds, and a community pavilion. For the animal-lover, a very well-maintained and professional horse ranch, Pinebrook Farms, is a great place to ride and bring your kids for lessons. With all the wide open plains of southeastern Texas, the local P-6 Farms takes great advantage and offers a new corn maze every year. Another yearly occasion is the Texas Renaissance Festival held on the campgrounds just outside Magnolia which attracts visitors from all across the globe. Despite the city's small size, there's still plenty to do in the evening as well with wine rooms, pubs, and bars. Magnolia is a city which takes advantage of all the beauty around it, and welcomes those who would come to help maintain that beauty. Make Magnolia your new home, one look around will be enough to convince you that you've made the right decision.