11 New Homes For Sale in Manassas, VA

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Located in northern Virginia and part of the Washington D.C. area, Manassas is a city of historical significance and modern relevance. Its homes reflect this combination of times, sporting an architecture that evokes the old meeting the new. Sleek and efficient modern town homes are interspersed with spacious, charming colonially styled homes that boast four or five bedrooms and a large square footage. Small, starter bungalows are also a popular option for residents in Manassas.

The city of Manassas is divided up into various residential, commercial, and industrial districts. Some of the most affluent residential sectors of the city include Hoadly Road, Ravenwood, Buck Hall, Eclipse Drive, Prince William Parkway, Independent Hill, Longview, Lake Jackson, Alps Drive, and Godwin Drive. Manassas is also home to numerous historically significant neighborhoods, some of which date back to the mid 19th century. There are 24 constituent neighborhoods in total. The neighborhoods that surround the area known as ‘Old Town Manassas’ are some of the most popular, such as the subdivision known as Robnel. Those who are looking for more acreage might look at Woodbine Woods, or other similarly located communities.

With its location so near to the heart of the nation, Manassas has a booming economy for a town of its size. Its primary employment lies in the industries of retail and commerce, transportation, tourism and leisure, business and professional services, government, education, and health and medicine. The Manassas Regional Airport, while a relatively small hub of transport, includes 26 businesses that run within its space and employs hundreds of Manassas residents in many different positions. Another one of the city’s largest employers is Micron Technologies, which runs a semiconductor warehouse in Manassas and hires a workforce of more that 1,650 individuals. Additionally, Lockheed Martin has 1,500 employees and is locally based, while the Novant Prince William Health System, also located in Manassas, employs 1,400 people.