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There are more than twenty Middletowns in the United States, but Middletown, Ohio may be the fairest one of all. Builders in this city favor multi-level traditional brick homes with a suburban appeal. Add a white picket fence and your home will be a model for the American dream. For some homes, you’ll need a rather large fence if you plan to enclose all of the included land acreage, but many homes are close enough to where you can borrow a cup of sugar from your neighbor without having to set out on a voyage and pack a lunch.

If you’re at a loss for what to do in Middletown, Ohio, start with the Butler County Visitors Center. If you like to fish, you and the family can spend time at Triangle Fishing Lake where, if you don’t know how to fish, you can learn. Middletown also has an amusement park that rolls multiple haunted houses into one giant house of fabulous fun and fright. You can catch a local sporting event at Barnitz stadium or spend a lazy afternoon shooting golf. If you prefer to combine the spookiness of a haunted house with your golf game, Middletown has a place where you can enjoy miniature golf in a spooky setting. Here, figurines are illuminated with black light, creating a unique golfing experience.

Dog lovers can meet and greet other canine aficionados at a dog park designed by a girl scout. If you prefer trains to dogs, in Middletown you can visit a place that hails itself as having the largest indoor train display worldwide. Middletown also has many historic museums and mansions for those with an affinity and interest in relics past. Citizens with Middletown pride have planted trees in Heritage Oak Park which also doubles as a venue for sporting events. Middletown, Ohio may be in the middle of America, but there is nothing average about the quality of life in this town.

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