499 Homes For Sale in Mission, TX

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Known as one of the fastest growing communities in the United States, Mission, Texas has a wonderful real estate market full of many options. Whether you want an up-to-date resale or a cost efficient foreclosure property, the city can give you a range of choices that suit your needs. Most homes are residential properties though there are a handful of multi-family complexes and mobile homes. If you are looking to build your dream home, Mission, Texas has more than a few lots that are ready to be purchased and built upon.

The city’s consolidated independent school district is dedicated to preparing its students for the trials of college, life and future careers. The public school system leads the Rio Grande Valley with a comprehensive curriculum that is designed to meet the needs of all pupils. The city’s schools offer gifted and talented programs, advanced placement courses, university credit, college courses, professional certifications, associate degrees, sports teams and art clubs. Around 90% of high school seniors in the area took college entrance examinations and the city’s high school completion rates are above state and regional averages. If fact, high school students frequently graduate with college level certifications that immediately qualify them for professional employment. Additionally, the local student sports teams frequently win championships, qualify for regional competitions and make appearances in local playoff games.

Currently, Mission is in the middle of constructing the Anzalduas International Bridge in the southern part of the city. In conjunction with the McAllen and Hidalgo locales, Mission received permission to begin the project in March 2006 and the bridge is scheduled to open for use in the near future. It will be 3 miles from the existing Hidalgo-Reynosa Bridge and will serve to connect the town with Reynosa’s western outskirts. It will give cross-border commuters two north and southbound lanes in addition to allowing for pedestrian crossings. The bridge is expected to improve crossing traffic with its high level technology and aid in the Rio Grande Valley’s thriving cross-border trade. Within Mission, you will find a range of chain and local restaurants as well as a number of worship centers. When you are looking to fill your weekend afternoons, you can visit the areas golf courses, libraries, and parks system. Plus, the city is home to the National Butterfly Center and World Birding Center. If you prefer, you can spend your day perusing the exhibits at the Mission Historical Museum and learn about how the town contributed to the nation. Mission, Texas isn’t just a great place to call home. It is a place where borders collide and education thrives.