222 Homes For Sale in Mission Viejo, CA

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The city of Mission Viejo, California should be on the list of anyone with some extra funds who is thinking about purchasing a new home in the Golden State. Packing in over 96,000 citizens into its territory of just over 18 miles, the relatively large size of Mission Viejo’s population should be a clue as to the desirability of this community. While the price tag of around $300,000 for a condominium may be a bit more expensive than some other communities, there are few other places that so wholly fulfill the dream that many people have of moving to this part of the world.

Perhaps not surprisingly, one of the main reasons that people choose to move to Mission Viejo is the climate. The city experiences little in the way of annual precipitation and is mild and nearly unchanged with regard to temperature for most of the year regardless of the season. Summers typically peak at around 80 degrees while winters really only ever get as cold as the low 40s. The nearly constant and predictably nice weather permits residents to conduct enjoyable lifestyles even while maintaining the rigorous work schedules adopted by many Californians. If you’re going to be moving in with the additional prospect of finding employment when you arrive, places like Mission Hospital, Target, Nordstrom and Macy’s all employ a large numbers of locals.

For younger citizens, Mission Viejo is well-served as far as education is concerned. 20 public schools are available for children living in various parts of the city. For local institutions of higher education, Saddleback College is a community college within city borders, with other campuses like the University of California, Irvine and Chapman University not far away. There’s also Mission Viejo Youth Athletic Park, a large youth athletic facility with numerous soccer and baseball fields available to keep the kids active. If you’re in search of other outdoor activities geared more toward adults and families, the Mission Viejo Lake is a great place to put your feet up and enjoy the warm beachy weather. The Arroyo Trabuco Golf Club and the Sunset Stand Up Paddle group offer more in the way of sporting activities. Of course, with the California coastline only a 20 minute drive away, places like Laguna Beach and Dana Point open up days’ worth of fun possibilities year-round. If you can afford it, you’ll likely find that having a bad day becomes more difficult when you live in Mission Viejo, California.