74 Homes For Sale in Nashua, NH

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The only city able to boast being named the "Best Place to Live in America" on two separate occasions, Nashua, New Hampshire, has a grand assortment of homes available to prospective buyers. There are several pre-20th century historical houses, and plenty of recent constructions as well, allowing potential homeowners to find their perfect match, regardless of their preference in style and era. There are also condos and apartments available for those who are perhaps looking for a more compact space in which to start their new life.

Though it has an area of only thirty-one square miles, Nashua, New Hampshire is the second largest city within its state. The current population of 86,000 people set the stage for a bustling city life, while the atmosphere set by some of the older homes allows the area to have a peaceful and traditional vibe as well. Within this area, residents may find innumerable types of employment opportunities, but technology-based companies seem to have an exceptionally strong presence. The Nashua Corp., BAE Systems, Hewett-Packard, Dell and Oracle Corporation are all located within this city, giving anyone with computer-related training the ability to easily find employment within their chosen field. For those who prefer to work in retail and services, the city is also home to the Pheasant Lane Mall, which hosts well over 140 shops and kiosks.

Nashua, New Hampshire also has much to offer its residents in the way of entertainment. For the artistically-inclined, the city is host to the Nashua Area Artists’ Association, the Nashua Symphony Orchestra, and the Nashua Theater Guild. Nashua also offers several opportunities for residents to participate in sporting events throughout the year; tennis, soccer and softball are popular sports during the summer, while cross country skiing, ice skating and sledding are commonly practiced during the winter. There are several opportunities for the citizens of Nashua to enjoy several watersports thanks to the nearby Merrimack and Nashua rivers, such as boating, swimming, fishing and even rowing. With so many activities available to those who live within the city limits, the threat of boredom has been almost entirely eradicated. With such a fine balance of employment and opportunities for fun and community involvement, any prospective homebuyer can easily find a perfect home for themselves, whether they’re searching for a perfect place in which to raise a family or perhaps to simply create a fresh start for themselves in a beautiful environment.