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By 1914, an area of land around Orange Lake in western Florida was becoming known as "New Port Richey," so as not to be confused with the older, more established parts of Port Richey. In 1915, the residents of this southern enclave got their own post office, and the city of New Port Richey was officially off after its own Destiny. This small city’s big variety of condos and one- and two-story single-family homes offers residents a great opportunity to get some bang for their home-buying buck.

A tranquil residential community with a population of nearly 15,000, New Port Richey sits in Pasco County, about 30 miles from Tampa on Florida’s Gulf Coast. The Pithlachascotee River runs through historic downtown on its way to the Gulf, where its thriving estuary begets beautiful scenery. The Cotee, as the river is known, is a centerpiece of the town; it is lined with parks and offers opportunities for boating and kayaking as well as encountering manatees, dolphins, and a variety of native birds. The city boasts 10 parks over an area of just four square miles, including the James E. Grey Preserve. This 80-acre wildlife preserve, which is part of the Great Florida Birding Trail, is home to 140 different kinds of birds.

New Port Richey is a city of opportunity. The New Port Richey Entrepreneur Network is dedicated to helping small businesses and entrepreneurs connect with the help they need to grow. The city’s favorite festival, the Chasco Fiesta, is an annual event that includes large street parades and boat parades on successive Saturdays and raises money for various community organizations. A favorite shopping and live music venue is the Friday Night Market on Main Street, which operates year-round and donates a portion of its vendor fees to local nonprofits. The top employers in the city are health care providers, and New Port Richey is also home to Pasco-Hernandez State College. The NPR library offers classes for kids, teens, and adults, including writing workshops, conversational French meetups, qi gong classes, and a group that meets to discuss books and then watches the movies they were made into. A recreation and aquatic center - complete with a kiddie pool and a plunge pool at the bottom of a two-story water slide - offers programs, classes, and year-round camps for kids. Check out our listings of homes for sale - out with the old, in with the New Port Richey.