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Norwalk, California, has a population of 105,549 and is located in Los Angeles County. Norwalk is located 17 miles southeast from downtown Los Angeles, has roughly a total area of ten square miles and is known for its history as a farming or dairy industry center. An iconic water tower is the main identity marker for this suburb, which has access to three major freeways and is well-served by several public transportation options, primarily bus and rail. The city is primarily residential, with mostly single family homes.

From its roots as home to Shoshonean Native Americans, Norwalk has always been known for its fertile lands. The tribes had survived on honey, acorns, berries, sage, rabbits, bird, and squirrels. The sycamore trees also became an attraction for developers, who also took advantage of railroad development. Over time, the dairies and the sugar beet farms gave way to new homes. One historical home in Norwalk is the D.D. Johnston-Hargitt House Museum, which is a tribute to D.D. Johnston, who pioneered the city’s first school system and a cheese factory. Another attraction that is of historical interest is the Gilbert Sproul Museum, which is named after one of the founding land developers. Both museums display family treasures and city history exhibits.

Norwalk’s climate is warm, with 281 sunny days per year. It has a high of 82 degrees in the summer and a low of 46 degrees in the winter, on average. The suburb gets no snowfall in a year but gets around 15 inches of rain every year. Education is the most important aspect of life in Norwalk, where education occupations are the most popular, especially in the Norwalk-La Mirada Unified School District and Cerritos College, which is a community college. The Los Angeles County Registrar/Recorder and the Metropolitan State Hospital are also major employers. Norwalk is also becoming known for its public art exhibits. For example, Norwalk High School art students have been tasked with revitalizing utility boxes that show major Norwalk locations, which include the water tower, Paddison Farm, the old Bank of Norwalk and the Norwalk Square marquee. Norwalk has a game and entertainment center called Golf ‘n Stuff and is known for its bars and taverns, which make up the nightlife. Browse our listings of homes for sale in Norwalk and the greater Los Angeles metro area and find yourself a new place in California to call home.