128 Homes For Sale in Oak Creek, WI

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On the southern edge of Milwaukee, Oak Creek, WI, is a prosperous city, sitting directly adjacent to the waters of Lake Michigan. It is an excellent region to jump into homeownership, as houses reach a low median cost of $108,900 with reliable appreciation rates of 3.9 percent annually. Plenty of lots are still available for those looking to build their own mark on the territory. Some condos are available, but apartments and townhouses are in short supply.

The Milwaukee region has one of the strongest economies in the country. Staving off recent recessions, Oak Creek enjoys a tiny unemployment of 4.9 percent. Job growth has been consistently positive with a ten year forecast of 37.4 percent. The median income is a staggering $69,107. To give that context, the national median income is $53,046. Education is another selling point for Oak Creek. The population sees impressive numbers completing college degrees, five percent above the rest of the country. Primary education is strong as well. Spending exceeds average by $2,500 and students enjoy a teacher ratio of 17 to 1.

Milwaukee is a culture all to its own. Beer lovers and drinkers consider it a haven, as it was the first region in America to fully develop and invest in a brewing industry. Being in Wisconsin, it also offers the nation’s best for cheese connoisseurs. If you are looking for entertainment, you can start with the Great Leak. Boating and aquatic activities light up the summer, while ice fishing and other winter sports are available in the cooler months. Oak Creek is known for the South Shore Cinema, Cellar Oak Creek and Prime Table dining. In just 20 minutes you can find yourself in Milwaukee. Professional sports and other expert live entertainment are readily available. Recent renovations to downtown have created a lakeside phenomenon, full of fun ranging from bars and dining to family adventures with museums and shops. Oak Creek has everything you could want, combining economic prosperity with high quality of life.